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Welcome to your practice website. We are due to upgrade shortly. Let us have your ideas.

Do you know someone with memory difficulties?

If you have a relative, close friend or colleague who you know is worried about early problems with their memory, please take a few seconds to read this as it could make a significant difference to their future.


Cognition Health is offering our patient to be involved in a clinical trial. Please see information below.


Re:Cognition Health, the leading UK medical group with expertise in memory and other cognitive (thinking) problems, will be participating in the final phase of a clinical trial for a ground-breaking drug (tablet) starting in July 2013. The drug is designed to halt the progression of memory loss. We will be the only location in Greater London able to provide this service and are now starting to enrol participants for the study. The trial is free of charge but only a limited number of places are available.

How do I join the trial?

· You just need to send an email as soon as possible to clinician@re-cognitionhealth.com to register for more information

· We will contact you in the next few weeks to check that you are eligible for the study

· If you are eligible and would like to proceed, we will arrange an appointment for you to attend one of our Centres to meet me to explain everything again in detail and for you to consent to the study. These appointments will be taking place from late June this year in London, Guildford, Windsor, and Buckhurst Hill

Why is this opportunity so important?

· Because memory problems are NOT a normal part of ageing. Everyone, of any age, can be forgetful occasionally, but on-going memory problems shouldn't be ignored as early identification of the cause can improve the outlook in most cases

· Most importantly, for progressive causes of memory loss, there are now new medications which can enhance memory and may even stop or reverse damage to the brain. These new medicines are not yet available from your GP, but one of the drugs closest to being publicly available can be accessed now through this clinical trial

About Re:Cognition Health

We are a team of over 50 medical experts specialising in the brain and many of us are leaders in our field. Working together, we offer a complete service from maintaining good brain health, through assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, to ongoing care support and therapy. Clinical trials is just one of the many services we offer. Our main centre is in Central London, and we also have clinics in Guildford, Windsor and Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

Improving Communication

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